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10502087_10152283968522736_6178107139177835394_nWe serve a population of elementary age children in Africa by providing them with the tools to help them achieve success and also provide a learning environment that keep them safe and healthy.

One country Education Care Africa has earmarked to make impact is Liberia in West Africa, a country in transition after 14 years of civil war.

Any country coming out of a long civil war will eventually have many challenges, and Liberia is of no exception. Liberian communities suffered the worse of infrastructure destruction during the 14 years civil war which worsen the already poverty stricken condition. One of the systems severely hit by the civil war is the education system.

The education system in Liberia lacks the basic capacity for children to develop self-actualization due to the high rate of poverty. The unemployment rate in Liberia is 80% with literacy rate at about 60%. Families barely survive on US$0.50 per day or go to bed on a cup of water hoping to survive through the night. With little help from the international community, the government has instituted a free primary education program to increase education access to all children. While there is free primary education, other factors still makes it difficult for children to have access to education, or be empowered even if they are in school. Because of poverty, parents find it difficult to purchase the least basic education material like copy books, pencils or sheet, or test books for their kids.

Good education in Liberia presently seems impossible if you are poor; it’s so expensive that it is only available to those that can afford it. The poor are left marginalized with substandard government school. Parents are realizing how they, and their children’s futures, are being cheated by the system. These kids are the disadvantaged, and posterity will judge us if we sit there and do nothing. Education always pays off. What is especially attractive about educating children is the additional benefit that accrues to empowering the member of the household with the greatest capacity to alter the life prospects of the generation to come.

There are 3 basic ways in which we support  our beneficiaries.

  • We will renovate deplorable classrooms to provide safe, healthy and creative environment for kids to learn.


kids need clean classroomschool-need-help


  • We will provide school supplies so that students have the tools to learn.

school-supplies 3 school-suppliesschool-supplies 2

  • We provide free After School Program to kids  under our Reading and Social Skills Enrichment Program (RESEP-LIBERIA)

    The Reading & Social Skills Enrichment Program is a community youth support program organized Education Care Africa; a US base 501C3 non-profit organization working with primary school kids in Liberia. Reading & Social Skills Enrichment Program (RESEP) is structured to develop and implement programs and activities that prepare young people in Liberia for success. The kids selected for this program are encouraged to participate in all 5 basic areas of programming: Education & Career Development, Character & Leadership, Health & life skill, Arts & Crafts arts, Fitness and Recreation Program.

    RESEP has already been launched several villages and communities in Liberia, West Africa; ECA hopes to serve over 200 children in 10 communities before the end of 2016. RESEP is offered free of charge to children between ages 6-13. Participants are issued free logistical supplies in order to keep them in the program. Each participant receives book-bag, a pair of shoes, slippers, 1 t-shirt to be worn during programming time only, assorted school supplies, and hygiene kit, and one pocket size dictionaries. RESEP is offered in a classroom and outdoor setting with not more than 25 students in a program. Students meet 4 days a week for 2 hours each day; the program offers occasional field trips, competitions, and surprise parties. Participants are selected without any discrimination; parents are encouraged to ensure regular attendance. All RESEP students are given equal opportunities and fair treatments. For the first 1 year (July 2015 – July 2016), 80% of this program will be offered to rural villages in Bomi County. Education Care Africa hopes to also provide gainful employment for over 20 Liberians before the end of 2016.


    To find out more about the Reading & Social Skills Enrichment Program


    Musa V. Willie
    Founder & Executive Director
    Education Care Africa
    P.O Box 967, Coatesville, PA 19320

    Jamilatu Konneh
    Country Representative
    Education Care Africa
    Monrovia, Liberia – West Africa
    jamkon75@yahoo.com / info@educcafrica.org


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